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Fort Myers, FL

Is Massage Your Passion?

Tactile pampering of body, mind and soul is OUR GIG!

As wellness pros, we promote well-being through life improvement and enjoyment using massage and fitness as tools.

Whether soothing relaxation, an athletic muscular workout, or pain relief is your goal, 
Wellness Worx of Florida is the choice of massage enthusiasts in Southwest Florida.

Therapeutic massage is relaxing recreation and passive exercise, as well as a reliever of

muscular discomfort after exercise and life's activities.
As one of our specialties is athletic massage combined with our fitness programs, many of our clients make the short trip from Naples to satisfy their Naples massage and Naples fitnesss needs.   
To learn about our personal training services, please visit:

Our Goal: to provide value and benefit through wellness and natural healing, with great service, accommodations, and a level of comfort and friendliness that pleases everyone.  

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Types Of Massages

Wellness Worx of Florida

​ Massage-
* Plan a get-away to an isle of serenity.
* Anticipate an oasis of your own free from strife.
* Escape the tension and stress of our tumultuous world,
* Expect an exhilarating handling:
         First to calm and allay,
         Then to stimulate circulation, relieve tightness and tension.
* Relax and renew your body, mind and spirit.

Our niche is just right:
* Midpoint between spa and medical massage.
* Emphasis on moderately priced specialty massage.
* Both men and women; all are welcome.
* Professional atmosphere, yet comfy, gracious, safe and fun.
* Upscale but not elitist.
* Personalized, private one-on-one Fitness Education.

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A Place Where Everyone Feels Comfortable

Massages for Men

Relaxing, fitness oriented bodywork for men.

Men often are overlooked in spa massage culture. There is no place where men fit in. We are welcomed with a smile while being shuffled off through a feminine atmosphere.

As a male establishment owner, I want to provide a place where masculinity flourishes, and men feel comfortable.

This means we provide a balanced atmosphere where everyone, both women and men, feel at ease. Our office is neither a boutique nor a man cave. You will feel a calm, peaceful serenity as a back drop for your massage experience.

This balance extends to your choice of therapists. Choose female or male therapist.

Also, choose a specialty. Each LMT has a specialty. Some are expert at relaxation while others mix techniques to provide deeper work or a more athletic massage incorporating range of motion (ROM) and stretching.

The choice is always yours. We want you to feel comfortable, satisfied and safe.

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