We are pleased to welcome Kimberly to our office, as a new and recently graduated massage therapist. 

Kimberly will practice Swedish and deep tissue massage, as well as reflexology.

Her touch is smooth and soothing, and we expect great accomplishment from her.
Kimberly looks forward to meeting you :)

Kimberly, LMT, MA85507

   Rather than list life accomplishments, that can often read more like an obit than  a statement of life outlook, let me comment on the connection between body, mind and spirit with respect to the influence of massage and fitness.

   This, at least, will reflect my intellectual or nerdy side, and perhaps bring out the teacher in me, if not the more tender side men may be encouraged to down play.

If you make it through this, read my thoughts:"On Wholeness"

​​Massage effects on body, mind and spirit:
Ronald Alexander, MA55981
Some massage benefits are easy enough to understand.  The buzz words "relaxation", "stress reduction", and "muscular relief" are common, and describe mostly the physical or bodily beneficial attributes of therapeutic massage.

   However, we are told, and I am telling you again, massage and fitness are a boon to body, mind and spirit.  This is a true statement. 

You ask why, particularly with respect to the spirit. Let me help you with this.  

The Body:
   Benefits of massage and exercise on the body are numerous.  Remember that massage is passive exercise.  You can read about them on this site,  and by a web search.  Blessed is Google.

   As the brain is an organ of the body, it benefits as well.  Not only does the brain serve as the processing center and clearing house to keep the body functioning, it also enables us to think.  No news you say.  Please be patient and I'll promise not to use the "age card".

The Mind:
   Enter the mind.  Where a healthy body goes, a healthy mind follows.  Our ability to think and process information, to make decisions and determinations, and to take actions, is influenced by good body health.  This also is well documented.

The Spirit:
   Now, what about our attitudes, the choices we make and our elements of personality?  The mind is still at work, but the spiritual aspect of us is now also involved.  More than likely, you know this also.  

Making a healthy spirit:

   Now on to your major question: "What makes a healthy spirit?".  There are greater experts on spiritual matters than myself.  However, for me, a healthy dose of universal love is the key.  Together with faith and hope that love will work, one not only has a positive outlook, but a torch to brighten the way.

   Better than benzodiazepines, herbal teas, mood altering drugs like alcohol and cocaine, and material love potion numbers one through ten, universal love melts away, anger, resentment, stress, disappointment, anxiety, guilt and many other negatives.

   You may be wondering what massage can do to boost these non-physical three.  There are two very good ways for massage to work its' magic.

   First, touch is a vehicle.   Love and optimism are personal gifts that are best shared directly one person to the next.  (Yes, this leaves out institutions.  My apologies to the president and the pope.)  Touch, and the nurturing it brings, is the massage vehicle through which universal love is conveyed.  

   When I expressed the idea on the "home" and "massage"  pages that "we practice the art of massage as a nurturing art... and through touch we pass healing strength, trust, care and commitment", I could simply have said "through touch we pass love".

   Does this mean the therapist should have his/her act together, that he/she needs to be a loving, caring, people serving person, free of his/her own anger, resentment and other negative issues?   Absolutely!   The idea of junk in, junk out works here, too.

   Does the massage receiver have any required attributes?  Certainly.  The receiver must be able to lighten up, both bodily and mentally.  A tense body will not allow massage to work.  An open mind allows the body to relax with the attitude that the massage is really going to work its' magic.  An open mind allows an awakening to new ideas, experiences and enrichments.

   A well trained and experienced therapist can help the client to relax, however, the client must be compliant, trusting and willing.

   Conversely, a closed mind will prevent acceptance and probably successful results as well.  If I decide a given situation is not going to work for me, it probably will not.   Attitude towards massage is no different.

   Instead, ask yourself: "Through my massage, what new good will I experience?"  This opening up will help to evaporate negativity.  

   Then ask: "As I don't know everything, what have I missed?"  The heart of a seeker is a growing heart. 

   Next ask: "As I am growing, what am I learning?"  This keeps new doors opening.  

   Finally ask: "How great is this?"  My massage is working for me!  I've been touched.  I've been loved.  I am loving.

   Second,  self-care yields self-love. 
  Self-care includes liking and caring for ourselves spiritually, as well as accepting and forgiving ourselves.  Such self-care brings love-of-self.   Liking and loving ourselves allows love of others and the flow of love back and forth between people. 

   Successful self-care will include providing some rest, diversion and down time.
We need variety in our activities to provide interest, vibrancy and color.   Doing so, helps to keep up our spiritual health, which is an ongoing process.  Take a break now and then.  Get happy.

   Self-care also includes accepting and forgiving ourselves.  One aspect involves  success and failure.  Success in not guaranteed.  When failure happens, try to stay positive.   Make another attempt, or move on to something new.   

   Stay strong, remain focused, work for positive results.   Know that everyone can not do everything.  Try to stick with your personal strengths, while improving your weak points.  There may be things you can't do okay with this.

   A second aspect involves empathy and compassion for others.  These feelings can overwhelm the givers spirit. When taking on the receiver's cares, heartaches, physical pain and even the events of passing, the giver can over-load his/her own tolerance for these very stressing emotions.  

   Caregivers (including family care givers) and those in medical and social professions are particularly vulnerable.  

   Know that to keep spiritually balanced, the giver must be able to accept the receiver's condition, release the associated emotions, and let go of any responsibility.  The giver can comfort but, in many situations, cannot change the receiver's condition.  

   As a giver, do the best you can and don't second guess yourself.  Thoughts like "If only I had done more...why did I not understand...if I could only have said..., etc " are misplaced.  Don't go there.  As a giver, accept and forgive self-limitations and shortcomings.  Learn to move on, and don't waste any time about it.  Keep in balance.  Love yourself.

   Remember also, to keep giving, there must be something inside to give.  The giver who is out of balance, or spiritually bankrupt, has nothing to give but negativity.  Many in this state are unaware of their own condition: all the more reason to practice self-care and love.

   The antithesis of self-care: boredom,  harboring anger, resentment, anxiety, depression, stress, guilt, disappointment, disillusionment and negativity prevents us from liking and loving ourselves and others.  

   Unbalanced and unrewarded, we remain ugly, confrontational, lonely, isolated, barren, unfulfilled, unchallenged, fragmented, disconnected and comparatively unsuccessful.  

   Undue this negativity.   Practice a balanced life-style, including self-acceptance and forgiveness.

See "On Wholeness" below:

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Note:  This was written when I was not yet "old" age card.
Still, I think it is I have the age card.

I am not Charlie, Tom or John.
I can't be them, sorry.

I am Myself.
I can be me, no apology.

This is my can do outlook and ethic on life.
Perhaps you can identify.

Humility and strength of character usher growth.
Allow a new beginning.

On Wholeness

Dispatch the mundane in today's occupation with all your talents.
To do less encourages dullness, boredom and loss of focus.

The world is like a chameleon.
Flex your perspective to stay in touch.

Identify with the less fortunate with compassion and grace.
Mere comparison leaves you coming up short.

The seemingly well advantaged may have paid a high price.
Plan your own spending, take action and enjoy the results.

Flamboyant flair, glitz and glitter resound with a bang.
Simple tastes are timeless, and relieve the itch for something new.

Happiness comes from within; look to yourself.
You can sing another's song, but the credits aren't yours.

Resolve life's adversities over time.
Continued living in the problem causes endless hardship.

The most perfect answer may allude us; that's alright.
Any good choice makes a sound solution; change it as you grow.

I control only my own thoughts, actions and reactions.
I choose to be happy and serene, accepting what I can not control.

Love of myself, others and He who is in me, creates a glow in me.
It burns away negativity and self destruction.

Love is the call to life and the key to healthful living.
Try it.

A good scout and his shortcomings come as a package.
The package can't be broken up, mine or yours.

Turn shortcomings into strengths.
Make your short suit trump.

Fear exits only in the mind: faith and hope are the remedy.
Don't be afraid to learn, overcome, succeed.

He who would lead, must first be a servant.
Don't be afraid to teach; lead by your presence.

Patience, tolerance, love, forgiveness, learning, growth, yield wisdom.
Purpose, challenge, direction, use, yield fulfillment.

The ignorant and unfulfilled wither and die.
Not me, how about you?

Unpicked fruit rots on the vine.
Pick me, pick you.

I commit to life and to everyone personally.
You can too.

I strive to serve all happily with gratitude and humility.
How many do; will you?

A good man is a wise, fulfilled, loving, humble and grateful servant.
There is more.

To be real, a man is open, direct, tender, vulnerable.
He takes risks with quiet confidence and strength.

The window of a real man's being is transparent.
You can see his glow and sparkle from within.

Follow these guidelines with zest.
Find yourself, find Him and find a friend.

Lucky is the man who has all three.
Grateful is the man who lives this life.

We can make life a good package.
Let's open it up.

Sterling shines more with use.
Let's shine!