Massage for Women & Couples

Tranquil, Serene Massage Where Welcome, Warmth and Hospitality Radiate.
Fort Myers, FL

Massage for Women

Value Massage at Wellness Worx of Florida

We invite women in Fort Myers to discover Wellness Worx for a great massage in a fresh, professional yet homey, non-clinical atmosphere, free of the clutter, confusion and commotion of the chain store boutique.

Rather, enjoy a calm, peaceful serenity where welcome, warmth and hospitality radiate.
  • Come single, with a friend or a loved one.
  • Choose your therapist: male or female, and enjoy the relaxing massage of your choice.
  • Choose your massage: Massage Ideal, the Worx, Custom massage or Signature massage.
  • Enjoy!    


Massage for Couples

Wellness Worx of Florida

Couples massage is a new leisure time contagion.  ​

Just for you, variety abounds with our many couples massage options. 

Choose from:
  • One therapist or two,
  • One room or two,
  • Times from 40, 50, 60, 80 and 90 minutes, 
  • Massage choices from Massage Ideal®,  the Worx, Custom Massage or Signature Massage.​
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A Place Where Everyone Feels Comfortable

Hi, I'm
Ron Alexander

Our Couples Massage selection relfects our balanced atmosphere, where everyone feels welcomed. 

We have a massage for you!

Our red carpet is always out for women and couples massage.

​Should you not find what you want or to answer any questions, please call me.  

Ron: 239-839-7035.

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Massage Ideal®, w/one therapist in one room.
            80 minutes      $117    ($58.50 each)  (40 min. ea.) 

Massage Ideal®, w/two therapists in one room.
            40 minutes      $130    ($65.00 each)                                                 

             Fully draped, economical, scripted spa massage.

The Worx Massage, w/ one therapist in one room:
            60 minutes       $100    ($50 each)   (30 min. ea.)         
            90 minutes       $140    ($70 each)   (45 min. ea.)         
            Two hours         $180    ($90 each)  (60 min. ea.) 

The Worx Massage, w/ two therapists in one or two rooms:
            50 minutes       $160    ($80 each)                              
            60 minutes       $190    ($95 each)                              
            90 minutes       $220    ($110 each)  

            Draped conservative, easy going & smooth. 

Custom Massage, w/ one therapist in on room:
            60 minutes       $120    ($60 each) (30 min. ea.)         
            90 minutes       $160    ($80 each) (45 min. ea.)         
            Two hours        $200    ($100 each) (60 min. ea.)  

Custom Massage, w/ two therapists in one or two rooms:
            50 minutes       $170     ($85 each)                              
            60 minutes       $200    ($100 each)       
            90 minutes       $240    ($120 each)

            Partial draped, semi-conservative, w/variety & depth.

Signature Massage, w/ one therapist in one room:
            60 minutes       $140    ($70 each) (30 min. ea.)
            90 minutes       $170    ($85 each) (45 min. ea.)     
            Two hours        $240    ($120 each) (60 min. ea.)

Signature Massage, w/ two therapists in one or two rooms:
            50 minutes       $240    ($120 each)                            
            60 minutes       $275    ($137.50 each)
            90 minutes       $305    ($152.50 each) 

            Draped or undraped, smart, neat, smooth and fine.                   

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