What to Expect

Fort Myers Massage and Naples Massage Expectations:


Telephone contact is the most immediate and should be used for appointments desired within the hour. 
Phone, text or email:
1. To ask questions,
2. Get directions and,
3. Make appointments for your:
Fort Myers massage or Naples massage. 

When you arrive:
1.  You will be offered bottled water.  
2.  You will fill out a first-time intake questionnaire, which is quick and easy. 

Your Appointment Time:
1.  Usually, there is no wait. 
2.  If a short wait is necessary; 
    *   Use in the comfortable hospitality room, or       *   Smoke under the porch.
3.  You will be shown to the massage room.  
4.  You and your therapist discuss; 
    *   Your options, choices and, 
    *   The procedures observed,  
    *    Precaution is taken based on your intake 
5.  The therapist then leaves the room.  

Your Appointment Time, con't.:
6.  You may disrobe to your level of comfort. 
7.  Use 
the cloths tree and chair. 
8.  A towel or sheet for draping is provided.  
9.  Your therapist knocks on the room door, and       enters the room.  
10.  The massage begins.  
11.  Throughout the session, your therapist;  
       *   Outlines procedures, 
       *   Monitors your comfort and preferences. 

When the massage is finished; 
1.   You may shower and dress, 
2.   Pay your bill, 
3.   Book your next appointment, and 
4.   Visit the hospitality bar. 

We express our hope you have enjoyed your stay,  that you are departing satisfied, and will return to see us soon.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to call.


Why  Choose  Us?

Fort Myers Massage Services


Our passion for the art of massage demonstrates 
• Intuitive ongoing refinement of skills, 
• Naturally sensuous touch responsive to body contour and alert to therapeutic needs,  
• Desire to present satisfaction, pleasure and value. 

Our skilled use of massage techniques 
• Relax and stimulate the body,  
• Renew and relieve stress and tension,
• Release
myofacial adhesions and muscular tightness,
• Restore mobility and range of motion,
• Regain a positive outlook and sense of wellbeing and freedom,
• Revitalize strength and balance.

We practice massage as a nurturing art and healing skill. Through touch we pass healing strength, trust, care and commitment with gusto, nuance, and confidence.
You will leave our office feeling 
      •        Renewed and relieved of stress and tension, 
      •        Ready for whatever is next in your schedule, whether

*    A restful night’s sleep, 
*    A day of recreation, or
     *    A business appointment. 

Our eclectic massage style offers 
• Variety, diversity and attention to individual needs, 
• A Euro-American massage assuring a skilled, quality experience.  
• A great addition to your Fort Myers fitness experience.

We look forward to treating you 
• With respect and dignity, 
• As a valued, unique individual.  

Every session is a new situation 
• Expect satisfaction of your individual needs ranging from pampering to an exhilarating handling. 
• Feel free to express yourself

​You are welcomed to use our showers both before and after your massage.  

Our Naples massage clients will be well rewarded for their short drive to Fort Myers.