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Massage is a very personal service, and every effort is made to make you feel safe, secure and valued.  First visits can be tentative, as the client and therapist must get acquainted. 

For this reason, it is important for you to accurately express yourself and to build a good working relationship with your therapist. This may take a couple of visits to accomplish.  Together we can make it happen.  This is your time for you; let's make it special and effective.​​

​Your happiness is important; any reasonable criticism will be taken with due regard, and every effort will be made to maintain good standing.  Service to anyone who is intoxicated/high, or who violates the general rules of civility will be declined.

​No claims are made.  While the benefits of tactile stimulation to the body, mind and spirit are well known, it is up to the customer to decide the suitability of services to meet his individual needs.  Benefits from personal training will vary by client.

Types of draping available depend on therapist consent, as both client and therapist must feel comfortable with the method used. If you have preferences, please discuss them with your therapist before the massage begins.  See more under "Definitions".

​Customers and therapists alike have a mutual need for privacy. Client information will not be shared with anyone.  There will be no socialization with clients outside of a business context. 

Nor will you be contacted in any way, except to confirm a request for an appointment (such as one made by e-mail through this web site, or left on voice mail) by a pre-arranged method, usually your cell phone.

The client intake questionnaire and waiver is designed to meet standard practice, and includes a health history.  Clients that have been away for more than one year may be asked to update their information. 

To meet our responsibilities as a licensed professional facility, we must have an intake form for every client.  Any prospective client who will not fill out such form will be refused service.  Sorry, NO EXCEPTIONS! 



Definitions for clarity

Noun.  The cover, usually a sheet, bath sheet or towel, used in massage. 
Verb.  To cover with a sheet or towel.

The body is completely or mostly covered by the drape.  Private areas of the body are never uncovered.  Underwear may worn under the drape.
Full draping is conservative, and is not practical for all types of massage, as it is cumbersome to massage areas such as the lower back, glutes and upper hamstrings.  It is not suitable for Esalen techniques.
Procedurally, small portions of the body are undraped and massaged, then recovered before moving to another portion of the body.  Full draping is the standard for spa massage.

​With partial draping, a bath sheet or bath towel is usually used to cover most of the body.  Private areas remain covered.  The drape may be placed in several positions, and moved as necessary.

The most practical method is to uncover one half of the body lengthwise, keeping the private areas covered.  This allows massage of the lower back, glutes and hamstrings, as well as Esalen techniques. 

Partial draping is semi-conservative, allows for an acceptable massage, and is a popular choice for many.

No drape is used; the body is nude.  This method is most often preferred by regular massage enthusiasts, who do not want to be encumbered by the drape, who want all muscle groups massaged, and who enjoy Esalen techniques. 

Not all massage therapists will do undraped massage.  Florida massage law permits no draping, or undraped massage, but requires the client to provide informed consent. 

At Wellness Worx, this is accomplished on the intake form by checking a box and initialing. The intake form requires a signature and a date at signing.

​​This word has many connotations, some of which are rather colorful.  We use it in a more conservative manner, to describe touch.

On this website, and in our literature, sensual touch means: touch facilitating physical, emotional and spiritual awareness, consciousness, gratification, calm, freedom; TLC.

Notice there is no reference to sex, gender or preference.

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